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WhatsApp Chat

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WhatsApp Chat for WordPress plugin allows you to integrate your WhatsApp experience directly into your website. This is one of the stylish ways to connect and interact with your client, you can offer support directly as well as figure trust and increase client fidelity.

WhatsApp Chat FEATURES


Ninja Team WhatsApp Chat plugin allows you to add multiple accounts of your members into a WhatsApp box to display. You are client can choose a supporter they want to sputter, they know exactly who they’re having a discussion with.

Live Demo: WhatsApp Chat for WordPress

fluently CUSTOMIZE

NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin provides you options to select colors for the WhatsApp box to fit your website style and taste. also, you can customize each box for each person depending on their time vacuity with print, name label, and job title. When you’re online, the button is green or another color you set, else, it’s slate. thus, when you’re not responding snappily, guests don’t feel they’re ignored. They know exactly your available time in which you set it in the first place.


Are your points multi-language? Don’t worry! You can use any WordPress restatement plugins like WPML, or Polylang to customize any languages on your point fluently and snappily.


With a shortcode from the NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin, you can display the WhatsApp box anywhere on your point. It can be a runner, a post, some particular runners, posts, or the total of your website. a

NO CODING needed

We took the hardest part of rendering. We spent time designing and making UI/ UX as stylish as we can. All you need to do is just uploading the plugin into WordPress, crank the plugin, customize all the available options, and be Done!

Enjoy exchanges with your guests anytime anywhere! It has no way has been easier, and stop losing your eventuality leads!

HOW IT WORKS WhatsApp Chat

After installing the plugin, you have all settings in hand to customize a WhatsApp contrivance or button on your WordPress point by adding member accounts or support agents with phone figures or group converse links.

The contrivance can be appeared on all runners or only on asked runners you set. either, you can also enable the WhatsApp button under WooCommerce Add to Tote button.
Each account has its own shortcode which you can copy and bury anywhere on your point to offer client support.
Once a client clicks on an account he want to sputter, he’s also diverte to the WhatsApp app if he’s on mobile or WhatsApp web if he’s on a desktop.

Free Download WhatsApp Chat for WordPress v3.3.3.1 Download Button

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