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Scripts Dequeuer

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Scripts Dequeuer helps you dequeue WordPress frontend scripts and styles without touching any law. You just need to elect scripts and styles from the back and they will be dequeue incontinently.

Operation script

still, you would be formerly apprehensive about the significance of point speed and performance optimization, If you’re running a WordPress website with a good quantum of business and anticipate decent profit from it. A fast loading point can ameliorate business and engage further druggies for you. While optimization can be done in numerous ways like using caching plugins, optimize images, using CDN, etc., there are some situations that need a fully different approach.

For illustration, consider a case in which two different plugins use the same CSS lines( say, font awesome CSS) and load them collectively. Or consider a case in which two plugins are loading the same JavaScript train, say, jQuery validate or jQuery Masonry collectively. While WordPress takes veritably good care of precluding spare enqueue by checking for the same script handle names, a similar situation may still arise if the script handle names are different.

In similar cases, the only direct result is to dequeue kill one of those spare scripts for optimizing performance. The plugin is presto, light weighted, and is worth installing for a similar nifty point.

Live Demo: Scripts Dequeuer v1.2.0

How it works

Still,wp_print_scripts,wp_print_styles, If frontal end scripts and styles are enqueued using native WordPress hooks(wp_enqueue_scripts.), Scripts Dequeuer can descry all similar scripts stylesheets and list them inside the WordPress admin area. There you can elect scripts stylesheets and add them for dequeue.

Crucial features

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.2. x
  • Unbranded settings panel with JavaScript tab navigation
  • Shows a complete list of scripts and styles detected on the frontal end
  • Capability to dequeue all scripts and stylesheets at formerly, or as per selection
  • Option for banning runners or posts per dequeue item for skipping dequeue operation. – New
  • Shows separate portlets for “ Dequeue list ”, “ Successfully dequeued list ”, and “ not dequeued list ”
  • Each portlet shows train count for a better idea about the number of lines
  • Custom “ Add URL ” option with jQuery sortable list
  • Force dequeue option for ignoring script dependencies
  • Clean and optimized law as per WordPress rendering norms
  • 100 restatement ready with the sample. pot train included
  • Attestation helps primer with operation instructions
  • workshop with utmost themes and plugins( free decoration)
  • Compatible on all major cybersurfs with IE 9
  • devoted support in the reasonable time span

Why use this plugin?

still, you can of course add some laws in the theme’s functions, If you’re a inventor or intermediate WordPress user.
However, optimization and you do every possible thing to ameliorate your website’s speed, If you’re keen on point performance. You won’t lament it. Please also check plugin screenshots to get an idea about backend settings and features.

Free Download Scripts Dequeuer v1.2.0 From Below Download Button

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