Motion.page v2.1.2 #1 Animation & Interaction WordPress Plugin for Pros


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Motion.page WordPress is an independent animation builder for WordPress and works great with many popular themes and page builders like Oxygen Builder, Elementor, Beaver Builder,Zion Builder, Bricks Builder, and Gutenberg.

Free Download Motion.page v2.1.2 #1Animation & Interaction From Below Download Bottun

Free Download Motion.page v2.1.2 #1Animation & Interaction From Below Download Bottun When you clieck on Download now button then you will get a zip file of this plugin

Interact & and amp any WordPress point:

With motion.page for WordPress, you can amp anything you can imagine without writing a single line of law, in a completely visual builder.

Tons Of Features Endless Possibilities

Move your web design game to a whole another position with a stir skillset in your toolbox!

1- On Entrance
2- runner Exit
3- On Click
4- relations
5- Scroll Scenes
6- Hover goods

LIVE DEMO: Motion.page v2.1.2

Workshop With Your fave Page Builders:

is an independent vitality builder for WordPress and works great with numerous popular runner builders and themes. Just launch the builder and start amping your point right down!

A Completely Visual GUI To Web Motion Design

Everything you produce can be played, broke, or rewinded live in the builder, with all the timeline tools like in professional videotape editing suites.

1- GSAP & Scroll Detector

integrates GSAP- the most advanced web vitality library on the earth. You will not find a further dependable result for web stir design.

2- No- bloat performance

JS- grounded robustness outperform CSS robustness every time. Plus the law for each vitality loads conditionally on runners where used- nowhere differently.

Have A Vision? Make It A Reality:

Have total freedom. make your own robustness and tweak every aspect to make it look exactly as you imagined. Or indeed better.

To install a WordPress plugin, you typically follow these steps:

1- Log into your WordPress Admin Dashboard:

  • Visit your WordPress website.
  • Access the admin area by adding “/wp-admin” to the end of your site’s URL (e.g., http://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin).

2 – Navigate to the Plugins Section:

  • In the left-hand sidebar, click on “Plugins.”

3- Add New Plugin:

  • Click the tab “Add New” button at the top of the Plugins page Then upload a file.

4- Search for the Plugin:

  • In the search bar on the Add Plugins page, type in “Motion.page” or the name of the plugin.

5- Install the Plugin:

  • When you find the plugin gip file then you want to install, click the “Install Now” button.

6- Activate the Plugin:

  • After installation is complete, click the “Activate” button to make the plugin active on your site.

7- Configure the Plugin:

  • Some plugins have settings that you can configure. You may need to visit the plugin’s settings page to customize its behavior.

Please note that the installation process may vary slightly depending on the specific plugin and your WordPress theme. Also, ensure that you have the necessary permissions to install plugins on your WordPress site.

If “Motion.page” is a premium plugin, you might need to download it from the download button. Download the plugin ZIP file, and then manually upload and activate it through the WordPress dashboard.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How does this plugin work?

It’s a stir builder packed with important features. It brings a world of professional web vitality into WordPress, with a UI that provides a smooth workflow. Install the plugin, launch the builder and amp any runner from your point!

What can I do with it?

Produce a simple vitality or a complex timeline with multiple rudiments amped at different times. Attach your vitality to prebuilt triggers like on cargo, runner exit, scroll, click or hang, and produce the ultimate website experience without writing any law.

Does it affect performance?

Was erected with performance in mind from day one. means are conditionally loaded only on runners where they’re used. It does not add further law than manually enciphered robustness.

What about CLS?

Accretive Layout Shift( CLS) won’t be affected by any animated rudiments above thefold. However, they’re impeccably okay for Core Web Vitals, If robustness use transfigure parcels.

Free Download Motion.page v2.1.2 #1Animation & Interaction From Below Download Bottun

2 MB

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Views: 62

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