Helper v1.0.8 – OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress Plugin


The Helper v1.0.8 – OpenAI Chatbot is a fast and easy-to-add Chatbot WordPress plugin that supports regular and AI Bot types. The AI Chatbot is powered by OpenAI GPT-3 (ChatGPT), and OpenAI GPT-4 (ChatGPT) and easily integrates into your site without any special technical knowledge.

It can efficiently handle questions related directly to your website content or products, give individualized responses, and resolve common issues, reducing the need for mortal intervention. This leads to enhanced client satisfaction and a positive stoner experience.

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The chatbot includes different styles of stoner commerce like chancing answers to constantly asked questions that you prepare in advance in the plugin settings. Another option is a collection of druggies ’ data for farther communication, order, analytics and perceptivity, etc. Also, common dispatch submission is also included. You can use only the bot functions needed for you or all available bones including the Artificial Intelligence point to give your callers with a successful experience.

Helper Personalization and context-awareness :

Personalization and environment- mindfulness GPT-3-powered chatbots can dissect stoner input and induce responses that are contextually applicable and substantiated. The bot answer can grounded on the content of point posts runners, Woocommerce products, or indeed a PDF train.

Customizable bot objectives:

Customizable bot ideal you can specify how the bot should answer depending on your purpose and specific requirements. This allows you to acclimatize its geste , mores and concentrate on specific environment according to unique conditions. The bot can induce responses only for specified content( posts, runners, products) or without any restrictions.

Different bot features combinations:

Different bot features combination there are included FAQ block, data collection form, dispatch transferring form and AI bot. You can use these features together or all independently fluently managing them in the plugin setting.

Speech recognition of Helper:

Speech recognition includes a voice input point rather of homemade typing. This can greatly ameliorate the stoner experience, especially for individualities with limited typing chops or mobility impairments. druggies can simply speak their responses, making the process briskly and more accessible.

Speech syntheses Bot:

Speech syntheses the bot can convert dispatches to speech and speak to the stoner. The Text to Speech function is grounded on WebSpeech API and included 40 Languages and further than 160 voices.

Helper Sale assistance:

trade backing the chatbot with artificial intelligence can act as a virtual deals adjunct in your WooCommece store, engaging with implicit guests, and guiding them through the deals process. By furnishing product recommendations, answering queries and help convert leads into deals.

Google Analytics support By Helper:

Google Analytics support once the stoner submits their data through the chatbot, this event is transferred to your Google Analytics so that you get further information about the stoner’s commerce with your point.

Open-AI API Models Variations:

OpenAI API Models Variations the plugin supports and updates the list of OpenAI models that stylish suit the pretensions of druggies in terms of their capabilities and price.

Helper Bot logs support:

Bot logs support check the stoner commerce with the chatbot and dissect the requests questions to ameliorate your product or service, as well as the stoner experience with the point.

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24/7 availability Time:

Vacuity unlike mortal agents who have limited working hours, AI chatbots are available24/7, icing nonstop support and backing for guests across different time zones. This availability improves client satisfaction, especially for global businesses or associations serving different cult.

Helper Provide Multiple communication channels:

Multiple communication channels the coadjutor plugin provides the capability to add different communication styles similar as correspondence, call, and social networks to snappily reach mortal support. It can combine the benefits of automated backing with the strengths of mortal commerce, leading to bettered client satisfaction, advanced engagement, and better overall client gests .


Multilingual AI Chatbot can understand different languages and give the answer in the applicable language.

Flexible chatbot style settings of Helper :

Flexible chatbot style settings each element of the chatbot window as well as the open button can be customized in agreement with your website styles or individual wishes. You can manage colors, sizes, backgrounds, border, s and a lot of other effects. It also includes 8 preset bot display positions and supports shortcode to place the bot anywhere on the runner.

Helper Сross-browser compatibility:

Сross- cybersurfed comity the Chatbot WordPress Plugin is compatible with all major web cybersurfs, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. druggies will have an exceptional browsing experience anyhow of the cybersurfed they use. The bot can be salutary for colorful types of websites, similar as blogs, portfolios, commercial websites, eCommerce systems, creative agencies, real estate rosters, particular CVs, caffs , or retail companies.

Features of the ChatBot WordPress Plugin

  1. Powered by OpenAI
  2. Customizable bot ideal
  3. Contextual understanding grounded on point posts, products, or specific textbook
  4. Flexible settings for generating responses
  5. The Bot speaking by WebSpeech API
  6. Includes 40 Languages and further than 160 voices for textbook- to- speech
  7. Included FAQ use case
  8. Adaptive literacy
  9. Integration with other communication styles
  10. Simulates creatural geste in converse
  11. Can collect stoner data
  12. Use of artificial intelligence and machine literacy
  13. Variable and customizable greeting expressions
  14. Customizable sounds for transferring and entering dispatches
  15. 8 predefined Bot button positions
  16. Support Bot shortcode to use anywhere
  17. Saving the last response of the bot
  18. Flexible converse style settings
  19. Possibility to use a bot for check forms
  20. The capability to employ a bot for gathering data to make mailing lists
  21. Focus on the environment of your point
  22. The bot with unique geste for each point
  23. Can answer questions about your WooCommerce products
  24. restated into 10 most popular languages
  25. Includes limited speech recognition
  26. All major cybersurfs supported Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Internet
  27. Discoverer
  28. Compatible with WooCommerce
  29. 100 SEO friendly
  30. Easy to use and customize
  31. Installation companion
  32. Detailed druggies Homemade
  33. Huge Customization Capabilities
  34. Six months Included Support for CodeCanyon buyers

Free Download Helper v1.0.8 – OpenAI Chatbot From Below Download Button

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