Doctor Finder v5.0 – Appointment Booking With Time-slot app

Doctor Finder Mobile App

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Doctor Finder Mobile App – Appointment Reserving With Time- niche app in Flutter is a complete medical result for druggies. You can find near croakers with complete profile details of Croaker.

You can find stylish croakers

around you, check his profile, check his vacuity and time, and book an appointment at your suitable time place. The stylish part about this template is the croaker have croaker app to check all these movables from druggies and croaker can manage movables from the app.

Live Demo: Doctor Finder v5.0

Operation features

1. Search near Croakers
2. Check the forthcoming appointment on the first runner
3. Search bar to hunt Croaker
4. thing wise sorting of croakers
5. Check the complete croaker

  • profile
  • Croaker name
  • thing of croaker
  • Conditions of croaker
  • Phone number with call now button
  • About croaker
  • description
  • Address of clinic and sanitarium
  • General working time of croaker
  • Services list of croaker
  • Health care description
  • Chart redirection to find the address on the chart

Doctor Finder Dashboard Features

1. Time- niche-wise book appointment – Choose cloister time- niche for your appointment, time- niche will be reserved for druggies, and another stoner can’t bespeak again same time- niche.

2. Book an appointment description to explain the problem to the croaker.

3. Appointment details for the stoner side will include. Doctor Name to whom appointment reserved Time- niche and date of reserving phone number of Croaker Dispatch id of Croaker Appointment description Quick Call and Quick Correspondence option.

4. stoner( My Account) features Check all forthcoming movables Check appointment history Get all details of the appointment stoner Login, register stoner can add a review for Croaker.

5. Doctor dashboard features Register as croaker.

Login as Doctor Finder Mobile App

1. Separate dashboard for croaker

2. List of movables from stoner

3. Check each Appointment’s details

4. Manage movables – Accept Reject

5. Manage his/ her profile, add, and edit profile details

6. Payment Gateway for booking an appointment

7. Cash onboard option

8. Braintree or PayPal added

9. Stripe( pay using disbenefit or credit card)

10. Doctor manages his working Time- niche Add Time for observing cases The app creates time- niche automatically as per.

11. Croakers preference 1 case in 1 time- niche Time- niche for 7 days, For each 7-day croaker can add separate time-niche.

12. Announcement accept announcement stoner get if croaker reject announcement get if admin shoot announcement set as a complete appointment.

13. Language Translation

14. RTL & Arabic support

Admin Panel Features

1. Admin Dashboard Checklist of rearmost appointment Total movables Croakers Total stoner register in app review stoner added

2. Appointment History checklist of all appointment

3. Doctor List All croakers list register in the system

4. App Case List register in the app

5. cancel spam stoner

6. Add edit & cancel things

7. Check Reviews added by stoner

8. Get stoner complaints on board

9. Admin can shoot announcement to stoner

10. announcement setting for Android & IOS

Free Download Doctor Finder Mobile App v5.0 – Appointment Booking With Time-slot From Below Download Button

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