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AnalyticsGo SaaS v1.1

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AnalyticsGo SaaS v1.1 is a tool for Google Analytics for managing multiple websites on a single platform. To identify trends and patterns in how callers interact with the websites, data from colorful matrices are collected and used to produce the reports. Maps are used to present the overview and visual donation. With a SaaS interpretation, produce plans using a Super Admin Login.
AnalyticsGo SaaS v1.1 A visually seductive dashboard to understand callers ’ conditioning
Add multiple websites
Restriction on druggies ’ warrants
New Callers and Returning Callers Grounded on Week/ Month/ Year
druggies/ brio Rate Session Duration
All druggies by position
AnalyticsGo SaaS v1.1
Live Active druggies via Real-time API V4
Top Active Pages

What to anticipate from AnalyticsGo SaaS v1.1 – Google Analytics V4 with Multisite

Sessions by Device Type
Quick views of the websites
contraptions for numerical data
Analytics on colorful types like Channels, Cult, runners, and SEO
Custom Maps from the Matrices & Dimension
tailored settings options for RTL on/ off, Primary Color, Sidebar, Layout
Themes Color Setting, Transparent Layout, and Dark Layout under Theme Customizer
A stoner-friendly RTL experience for guests using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu- suchlike languages
Any of the plans ’ payments can be done using 10 different payment gateways videlicet Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall
erected with Laravel 9

Live Demo: AnalyticsGo SaaS v1.1

Salient Features of AnalyticsGo SaaS v1.1 – Google Analytics V4 with Multisite

produce plans and get payment – a unique SaaS point
With a Super Admin Login, produce the most doable plans for your business model. elect applicable pricing and duration for the created plan. Make payments using colorful payment gateways. The plan would be impaired if not renewed after its expiry.


A well-organized dashboard that represents the daily/ yearly/ monthly graphs of new callers and returning callers for assaying thickness. It also pictures live active druggies from different locales as well as the sessions from the bias used along with the session durations and clicks on the active runners.
Add Credential train
The credential train then’s to add the veritably first step for the websites to work.

To move ahead with this, the credential train is to be added from the console. cloud.

After filling in the needed details of the OAuth account, a unique JSON train will be generated. The stoner has to download and submit the train for further processing.

Add point

This point of AnalyticsGo SaaS helps to add further than one website which formerly been created in Google Analytics with their Account, Property, and View details according to the conditions of the website( s).
Assign places to each stoner
Our multi-user account tool allows you to assign places to each of your staff. By managing their warrants gain control over their access to certain parameters.

Realtime API V4

Get stoner exertion being on websites right now. Real-time reports are streamlined within seconds so you can make live dashboards to cover how druggies interact with your websites at any moment.

Quick View

The quick viewpoint allows the stoner to have a graphical representation in line or bar graphs of multiple websites. The specific value can be seen by swimming over the graph.

The color of the Chart can also be changed by the stoner from the Color chooser.
The most important use of the quick viewpoint, in this case, is to help the stoner in comparing multiple websites using the colorful matrices that Google Analytics has formerly handed. The websites can be compare using multiple criteria determin by the stoner.


The contrivance point of AnalyticsGo SaaS helps the stoner to get the numerical data of the websites grounde on the pre-existing matrices and can be customize as per the time duration. When a new contrivance is adde, the chose matrix is buy from the website’s matrices data.

The contrivance point is most useful for getting analytics in figures so you can snappily dissect them without having to use a graphical representation.
The stoner can conduct a further thorough analysis of the websites using fresh unique and specific types in addition to the quick view and contrivance for a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis.
Then are those types

Channel Analytics

The channel analysis is grounde on how the hunt was carriE out on the add websites. videlicet, Organic Search, Paid Search, Bounce, Referrals, Transformers, and Others. The stoner can check the result of the analysis with the specific time duration by filtering them with the pre-existing matrices.

Followership Analytics

The stoner can check with the specific time duration and the filtering of the pre-existing matrices also on the base of Region, Organic Search, Paid Search, and Bounce.

Runners Analytics

The runner’s analytics helps the stoner to get the analytics on the added websites for a specific time duration according to the runners of the websites. It astronomically includes a Page Title, Landing Page, and Exit runner with the help of the pre-existing matrices.

SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics shows the result of the websites from the hunt of Keywords, On Social Networking spots, Sources, Cybersurfers, Operating Systems, and bias with the specific time duration and help of the pre-existing matrices.

Custom Map

The Custom Chart is presente in the bars with the definite matrices and confines for the needed time duration.
Customize your point setting by adding the lines of the totem and creating the textbook for the title. While installing the design, the backend will induce the authorize deflect URL which will be in the System Settings and must be link with the console. cloud account to move ahead with the design.


Then you can see what updates came out and did we bring new to the interpretation. Check Changelog


Please shoot a support request then for any issues, questions, or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in the commentary section.

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